Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today's Pinterest pick is probably the easiest thing I have ever made.  This pin didn't lead to a website or blog, it was just the picture and a short caption.  Trust me though, the picture was all I needed.

You only need two ingredients for this recipe: Mini Sweet Peppers and Mozzarella string cheese sticks.  I added a little salt and pepper but I have a problem with leaving well enough alone.  When I saw these peppers on sale at Smith's this week I knew I was going to make these.

Slice the peppers down one side and use a spoon to scoop out the membranes and seeds. Be careful with this step, you don't want to tear the peppers open too much.  You want them to still "close" around the cheese. Lay peppers on a lined sheet pan and season them with salt and pepper.  Don't overdo it with the salt, the cheese is pretty salty on it's own.

Cut the string cheese in half (bigger or smaller depending on the size of the pepper). Carefully stuff the piece of cheese into the pepper.

Now, the original pin said to place these under the broiler for 10 minutes.  This did not work!  A few minutes in I checked on the peppers and they were getting pretty charred so I turned the broiler off and baked them for about 10 more minutes at 450 degrees and they came out perfect.

Since I am not a fan of peppers I brought these to Mr. Lucky at work so he could share them with his team.  From all accounts they were a hit.

I will definitely make these again for a party or BBQ because they were so easy and I can't resist a recipe that only uses two ingredients.

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