Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's been awhile....

Hello!  Yes, I am still here and yes, I am most definitely still cooking.  I know it's been awhile but I am going to try to get back in the swing of blogging and to help with that I have come up with a project. 

I am a self proclaimed Pinterest junkie.  I love it!  I have been introduced to so many new things because of it but I have also become a bit of a virtual hoarder.  I have about 900 recipes on there that I have to try out.  Yup, I said 900.  There are quite a few that I have tried and we have definitely enjoyed them so I think I need to start trying some more. 

So, my new project is going to be trying a new recipe that I found on Pinterest every week and post about it here.  I'll be doing almost every kind of recipe, main dishes, sides, breads, desserts, slow cooker. I am really excited about this.  I am pretty sure Mr. Lucky and Mehgan will be thrilled too.  They love trying new things, thank goodness!!

You can check out my Pinterest boards here. Maybe you can give me some ideas for which recipe I should try first. 

Talk with you soon!