Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted!  We haven't been overly busy but we have been doing our thing. 

My dad retired at the end of January and we planned for him to come visit at the end of February.  I was so excited!  I could not wait for him to get here.  When he finally arrived he brought me the biggest surprise ever, my nephew Aedan!  I could not believe it!  The whole family kept the surprise from us which, for my family, is nothing short of a miracle. 

I have mentioned before that before we moved to Utah I was Aedan's daycare.  I was with him from the day my sister in law went back to work until the week we left to move to Utah.  I miss him terribly but I am so thankful for phone calls and Skype. 

We had a wonderful week and I truly enjoyed showing my Dad and Aedan my home and some of Utah.  Here are some pictures from our visit.

On the ride home from the airport

Someone stole Uncle's chair... right away!

Mehgan showing Aedan where she works

At Timpanogos Harley Davidson

That's a Big Dinosaur

The "Dinosaur Museum" was awesome!

Aedan and Papa playing with the tops

"NeeNee, those are bones"

Of course, Papa lets him break the rules.

The boys checking out the displays

On the Utah Buffalo at the Visitor's Center

At the State House being silly

Aedan and Uncle climbing like monkeys

Exploring at the lake.
My favorite picture

My little buddy!

Dad and I took a road trip to Bonneville

The Salt Flats are so beautiful!

I am already looking forward to the next family visit in April.  Mom, Dad and my Aunt and Uncle are driving out from Massachusetts.  We're going to have so much fun! 

Talk with you soon!


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