Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Over the last week I started work on my Christmas crafting.  This year, more than before, I am making a lot of gifts in addition to the ornaments and decorations I usually make.  I am hoping to remember to take pictures of the things I am making.

My first project was Melted Snowman Ornaments.  I found this cute, simple craft on Pinterest (where else, right?).  It takes just a few inexpensive supplies and they come out absolutely adorable.

Here's what you'll need:

Clear glass ornaments, these are everywhere right now
Kosher Salt
Peppercorns, 6 for each ornament: 2 for the eyes and 4 for the mouth

Optional supplies:
Funnel for the salt, I just used the spout on the box of salt
Carrot noses, I made these from polymer clay (super simple, I'll try do a tutorial on these another time)
Ribbon for Snowman's scarf
White glitter, to give the "snow" a little sparkle

How To:

Carefully remove the metal top piece from the ornament.  It is a little flimsy so you want to take care with it.

Pour a few tablespoons of salt into the ornament.  This is an eyeball it kinda thing, whatever amount looks good to you.  If you are using the glitter add it to the salt and mix it up.  I just put my thumb over the opening and gave it a few good shakes. 

Drop in the peppercorns, carrot nose and the scarf.

Here is now I made the scarf:

I have a (seemingly, never ending) roll of red velvet(ish) ribbon that I cut into three inch sections.

Then I cut each of the three inch pieces in half and put small cuts across each end to create "fringe".

To get these into the ornament I rolled them up and dropped them in and they unrolled nicely inside the ornament.

If any of the items inside get covered with salt just give them a little shake and they should go right to the top again. You'll see what I mean when you try it, it's not very easy to explain.

Replace the top of the ornament and tie on a pretty ribbon to hang it from.

So simple and very cute!  And best of all, they didn't cost much to make.

Stay tuned for some more crafting and even more baking.  Tis the season!

Talk with you soon.


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