Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our favorite places....

One of the things we miss most about Massachusetts is our favorite restaurants.  When we lived here we went out to eat considerably more often than we do in Utah and we had quite a few favorites. 

While we are here in Massachusetts we are trying to go to as many places, that we don't have in Utah, as we can.  Last night we went to La Cantina Italiana in Framingham.  We went there so often before that we had a regular waitress, Carly.  She was so great!  This place has been family owned for many years, serves amazing homemade Italian dishes in a casual, comfortable environment.

We brought Mr. Lucky's co-worker who traveled with him from Utah.  She had only ever had Italian food at chain restaurants.  Man was she in for a surprise!  And it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.  She left very full, very happy and with leftovers for dinner tonight.

For our appetizer we got Fried Ravioli. They were delicious pillows of fried pasta and cheese goodness.   They were the biggest raviolis I have ever seen!  Seriously!  I am drooling now just thinking about them.

Mr. Lucky and I basically had the same meal; A combo of Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna and Meatballs (me), Sausage (Mr. Lucky).  Since I always feel a little awkward taking pictures in restaurants this is the only picture I got of our amazing meal.

There was a little cheese on it.
Mr. Lucky's co-worker wanted to try the red sauce and the Alfredo sauce.  She opted for the Chicken Parmigiana and got pasta on the side with the Alfredo sauce.  She most definitely enjoyed it.  She said she had never had such good Italian before. 

For dessert I had the Torta di Luna which is an insanely good flourless chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream.  I have had this many times before but I think after not having it for over a year made it that much better. 

If you are ever in the Framingham area go to La Cantina.  You will not be disappointed.

Talk with you soon....


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