Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A learning experience....

Sometimes I get a little over-confident in the kitchen.  More often than not it bites me in the butt.  This happened when I was at my Mom's house last week.  I felt like a complete idiot!  Still kinda do but I have made a plan to rework the recipe I created in my head and try again.

I was browsing Pinterest and saw a picture of a Zucchini Lasagna and said "Oh, I can do that!"  I really should have read the recipe.  I would have realized before it was in the oven that zucchini (and summer squash because I didn't have enough zucchini to make the whole thing) gives off a lot of liquid and should be roasted before assembling the lasagna.

Believe me when I tell you that it still tasted delicious but it looked like a plate of slop.   I really wanted this to come out well because I was showing off a little bit for my family.  I also wanted to make something good for them because they were putting up with me for 3 weeks before Mr. Lucky arrived here.  It was the least I could do, right?

I have written notes for this recipe so when I get back to Utah I will be making it again and praying it comes out better.  Here are a few pictures of how it came out.  Warning: It is NOT pretty!

See how liquid-y it was?  I hope that roasting the vegetables first will alleviate that.  Fingers crossed.

Not a very pretty plate.  If I got this at a restaurant I'd flip.  Fortunately, my family is understanding and doesn't really expect a restaurant quality plating experience.  I really can't wait to try this again.

Talk with you soon....


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