Sunday, September 16, 2012

We're back....

Mr. Lucky and I survived our 4,800 mile road trip to Massachusetts and, more importantly, we still like each other. It was so nice to see family and friends but it is also nice to get back to my own house and my own bed.

I am going to the grocery store today because there is nothing but flour and sugar in this house.  I can't wait to have a home cooked meal.  Going out to restaurants is great but gets tiresome when it is for every meal.  Don't get me wrong, we had some great food but we also had a lot of fast food.  We try not to eat fast food often but when you're traveling on Interstate 80 through Iowa and Nebraska you sometimes have no other choice. 

Anyway, expect some posts this week.  I will be cooking lots of good meals and making some treats for Mr. Lucky to bring to work.

Talk with you soon!


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