Monday, July 23, 2012


I have just returned from a surprise trip back to Massachusetts.  And I had a fantastic time!

My parents have a few pool parties every year and they had one scheduled last week for my dad's side of the family.  I usually help my mom with all the food and serving and cleaning, I guess everything.  This was going to be the first one that I would miss and I was really sad.  Especially because it was a family party.  Well, I was sad until Mr. Lucky booked me a plane ticket.  It was a one way ticket, in the hopes that my mom would send me back.  It was a big risk. 

I told no one that I was coming home except for Chelle.  Someone had to pick me up at the airport and I knew she could keep a secret.  She was so excited, almost as much as me. 

I could not wait to surprise my mom when I arrived on the morning of the party.  She literally screamed when she saw me.  She was so happy I was there!  It was great to see the family.

Here are some pictures:

My Nephew Aedan

Aedan & his daddy, my brother Jamie

My Dad

My great-aunts Lois & Marie

My cousins Jessie & Sara

Dad & his sisters Janet & Alicia

A bunch of Murphys

Lois & the newest Murphy, Oliver

My beautiful Aunt Alicia

4 generations

We had such a wonderful time.  The rest of the week I was home was great too.  I am so glad I was able to be home.  And as you probably already figured out, mom sent me home.  She didn't want to but since I will be back in about 6 weeks for a wedding she agreed.

Talk with you soon!


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