Thursday, June 7, 2012


Mr. Lucky and I have been going to Las Vegas for twelve years.  Our very first vacation together was to Vegas and we even got married there almost 7 years ago.  One of the few touristy things that we still do every trip is going to see the botanical garden at Bellagio.  They change the display seasonally and it always impresses.

Here are some of the pictures I took:
Spherical fountain, very cool!

Bee made of dried flowers with silk wings

The yellow and red poppies are glass.

How cute are these ladybugs?

The lighthouse reminded me of New England.

Hot air balloons

A Monet made from dried flowers and moss. So pretty!

Mossy frog! I loved this one.

Cranes made from flowers.

 After seeing the garden we went in search of a snack.  What we found was Jean Philippe Patisserie. Wow!  This place was amazing.  They have made to order crepes, gelato, sandwiches, and the most incredible pastries you have ever seen.  They also have the world's largest chocolate fountain.  It is incredible!

I was completely plagued with indecision! I couldn't narrow it down so I ended up getting two of the pastries.  Yes, two, don't judge!  You wouldn't have been able to choose either. I got a raspberry tart and a cheesecake with raspberries. Amazing, awesome, delicious and every other adjective you can think of. Mr. Lucky got two scoops of gelato, one scoop of chocolate and one of hazelnut.  He loved it!

Here are some of the (hundreds) of pictures I took there:



More pastries

And some more pastries... I had the hardest time choosing!

Chocolate Wedding cake favors. So so cute!

One of my choices: Raspberry Tart

This was the cheesecake, enrobed in white chocolate.

The inside of the raspberry tart, pistachio & raspberry cream.

Cheesecake disrobed.  The best I've ever had!

I cannot wait to go back here!  The cheesecake was the literally the best I have ever had, including my blue ribbon award winning recipe.  They also have gorgeously decorated cakes, chocolate and sugar showpieces on display and lots of packaged treats to take home.

I highly recommend a visit to the botanical garden and Jean Philippe if you go to Las Vegas.  And if you go let me know, maybe we'll be there too.

Next up, roasted mushrooms!

Talk to you soon.


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