Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We have arrived...

Mr. Lucky and I are settling in to our new place in Utah.  We drove the 2400 miles from Massachusetts in four days. I was totally convinced we would either kill each other or be divorced by the time we arrived.  I am very happy to report that neither of those things happened, we had a great time.  A lot of the trip was pretty boring but we did some funny things and once we got to the Rockies it was incredibly and amazingly beautiful.  

Now that we are here I cannot wait to start cooking in my gorgeous new kitchen.  I have an eight foot granite island, more cabinets than I have ever had and a separate pantry.  I know that I had mentioned my old kitchen in the past.  It was a disaster, to say the least.  I had about three square feet of counter space and four cabinets.  To be totally honest, it sucked!  This new kitchen is amazing!!!!!

You will be hearing from me very soon with an actual food post!