Monday, January 30, 2012

Hospital Food

Just saying "hospital food" makes most people instantly cringe, myself included.  Let's face it, hospital cafeterias (or cafeterias in general) are not known to have gourmet offerings.  It's the stuff of legend really.

Well, my dear father in law has been in the hospital for two agonizing weeks (and counting) so I have been eating more than my fair share of meals in the hospital cafeteria.  My mother in law has been staying at the hotel next door to the hospital and Mr. Lucky and I have been staying with her on a rotating basis.  This means that most days I have had all three meals here. 

I will give this particular hospital, Massachusetts General, some credit, not ALL the food is hideously bad.  The hamburgers are cooked to hockey puck status, the scrambled eggs are just bad and the mashed potatoes resemble a kindergartener's paste but most everything else is edible.  There is a huge salad bar, three types of soup daily and a pretty decent deli. 

Today, for lunch, I had roast turkey with squash and mashed potatoes. I left the potatoes behind but the turkey and squash were very good.  So, I will give credit where it is due and say that you won't starve if you have to come here.  I will also say that can not wait to have a real, home cooked meal.  SOON!


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