Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving on....

So it is looking more and more like Mr. Lucky and I will be moving to Salt Lake City.  He has an amazing job opportunity and we don't want to pass it by.  So off we go into the wild blue yonder!  I am very excited but a little nervous at the same time.  I have lived in Massachusetts for my whole life and we're moving over 2000 miles away.  It is going to be quite an adventure.

Mr. Lucky's company sent us out there last week for a visit to look at some housing options.  Can I just say that the kitchens in the apartments we looked at were FANTASTIC!  Nothing short of amazing!  My current kitchen has about four square feet of counter space and 4 cabinets.  The #1 complex on my wish list had an 8 foot kitchen island and a million cabinets (that may be an exaggeration) AND a separate pantry!  Can you believe that?  A pantry!

I am trying to convince Mr. Lucky that we need to rent in that complex by listing off all the amazing things I could cook in that kitchen.  Everything would have a place and I'd have space to actually spread out and make some serious food. Care to help me convince him?????  Please!!!

As we know more about this big move I'll keep you informed and maybe one of these days I will cook something. Maybe.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's been awhile....

I last posted on August 19th.  I think that might have been the last time I cooked something.  Mr. Lucky and I have been trying to get some projects done and get the house packed up so we can put it on the market.  I cannot even tell you how stressful this is. Once I am up and cooking again I will be back and posting.  If I make it that long.