Friday, August 19, 2011

Stimulating the Economy....

Last weekend was the Sales Tax Holiday in Massachusetts.  Mr. Lucky and I try to do a little shopping every year when this weekend comes around.  This year we didn't spend too much but we did get a new camera.

I love getting new toys and I cannot wait to play with this camera.  It is nothing super special but if it was too complicated then I would be a bit confused! I am a simple girl.

Let me know what you think of my pictures in the next blog!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A pie for Mikey....

Last night this blog post had me awestruck.  This post has caused quite a stir, Jennie has asked people to make her late husband's favorite peanut butter pie, and they are obliging!

I am so inspired by Jennie and will be making this pie as soon as my crazy weekend is over.  Please, if you have time, make this pie for Mikey too.  And pass the story along.

If you do have the time to make it leave me a comment to let me know, post about it on Facebook, tweet about it and tag it with #apieformikey.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just veggies, or not.....

I could go meatless a few nights a week but Mr. Lucky has other ideas. The other night I had a meatless dinner all planned out in my head.  Well, mostly, I already had some fresh pasta that kept calling my name from the fridge.

Is there anything better than fresh pasta?
 So,I still had to see what treasures I would find at the farm stand.  As usual, I was not disappointed!  I could have bought one of everything but someone kept me in check.

Gorgeous, right?
I hot those gorgeous carrots, tomatoes, the Spanish onion and that adorable summer squash.  The squash were really small and perfect so I had to get those! Seeing all these beautiful vegetables brought the rest of  my meatless dinner together in my over-active brain.

I was so excited for this dinner but Mr. Lucky not so much.  He ran off to the store to get steak. Men!

This really was the simplest meal.  Again, I don't have any measurements, you'll just have to wing it.  (Chelle, that means you!) 

I diced half of the onion and saved the other half. I peeled and chopped four of the carrots into small pieces so they would cook quickly. I sauteed the onions and and carrots together in about one tablespoon of olive oil and one of butter. 

If only you could smell this!
I let the carrots and onions saute for three or four minutes and then added the sliced summer squash.  For the squash I just cut them in half lengthwise and and then sliced them about a 1/4 inch thick.

Getting yummier! 
I sauteed this mixture for about five more minutes and added another half tablespoon of olive oil, the veggies were starting to stick. At this time I also added salt, pepper and some minced garlic.  Once the squash were tender I added the diced up tomatoes, juice and all.

So good!
The tomatoes don't need to cook for very long just to warm them through.  The juice from the tomatoes will make the mixture a little "saucier". 

Once the tomatoes were heated through I tasted the mixture to make sure it was seasoned enough. Then, I added some grated Parmesan, about a 1/3 of a cup.  Maybe more, maybe less.  You have to make sure you mix the Parmesan in quickly so it doesn't melt and clump all in one spot. I learned that the hard way!  I had to do a lot of mixing, A LOT!

When the pasta was done I added it right to the pan with the veggies and got everything combined.

Not the greatest picture.
This pasta dish was so delicious. Mr. Lucky was impressed too.  I cannot wait to make it, or something similar, again.  The steak was pretty good too.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I am not ashamed to admit that I am a snacker.  I love snacks! Sometimes I'd rather eat a bunch of different snacks or appetizers than an actual meal.  If it weren't rude I'd stand right next to the chips and dip at every party.  Kind of obsessed right? I just can't help it.  Maybe I am addicted, maybe.

Currently, my biggest snack obsession is kettle corn.  LOVE IT!  Sweet and salty at the same time definitely gets me.  Mr. Lucky found me these single serve portions at the store. It is Popcorn, Indiana Original All Natural Kettlecorn.

 They are perfect really, no big bag to tip over and spill everywhere (I am a bit klutzy) and no worrying about the rest of the bag going stale (tragedy).  These are also only 92 calories a bag which means I don't feel guilty when I eat two bags.  I always eat two bags but that's better than a whole big bag right? RIGHT???? 

If you see these in your grocery store try them, you'll love them.  They do have full size bags too if you'd prefer to share or you just broke up with your boyfriend or you're watching Pretty Woman again wishing someone would climb up your fire escape.

Anyway, I am going to post a poll on the side bar.  Tell me what your favorite snack is.....