Thursday, July 28, 2011


I told you a few posts ago about my new kitchen toy, the George Foreman rotisserie. I used it and I am totally in love with it!

On my recent trip to Whole Foods I bought some amazing grass fed rib eye steaks. (I apologize if any of you are vegetarians, I am very happily a meat eater.)  These steaks were probably three times as expensive as the once we regularly buy but they were good, beyond good, AWESOME!

Notice how I cropped the price out?  I do not want to be responsible for any heart attacks.

I had originally planned to grill these but the weather just didn't want to cooperate.  Perfect opportunity to use my new rotisserie right? Right!

For items that aren't big enough to go onto the rotisserie arm you use a basket.  I was kinda skeptical but seasoned the meat with some salt and pepper and put them into the basket and set the timer.  They took about 25-30 minutes.  The best part about this was I could make all the other parts of dinner and not have to worry about turning the steaks on the grill or in the broiler. 

To go with the steaks I made some baby red, white and purple potatoes and some brown sugar glazed carrots.

Aren't those carrots adorable?  As soon as I saw them I had to buy them. Damn Whole Foods and their produce department.

The potatoes were simple. I just boiled them in salted water and served them with some butter.  For the carrots I boiled them until they were tender, drained them and sauteed them with about a tablespoon of butter and a healthy teaspoon of brown sugar until the sugar was dissolved.  Yum!

This dinner was delicious and so simple thanks to the rotisserie. I cannot wait to use it again.


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