Monday, July 18, 2011

I heart Whole Foods....

I truly love Whole Foods Market.  It is like food porn for me. I could, honestly, wander up and down the aisles for hours.  Well, maybe not hours but a lot longer than I should or is normal. 

The local store is only in the next town but I hardly ever go.  This past Friday I didn't have to work and I was bored so I hopped in the car and it took me to Whole Foods. 

As much as I love the place it is a little on the pricey side but most of the items I end up getting I can't find anywhere else. I am rationalizing, I know! So, what did get?  Too much!!!!

You don't even want to know what I spent on all this!

Can you see it all?  I got a fruit tart for each of us, grass fed beef rib eyes, lemon herb chicken cutlets, grape tomatoes to roast for pasta pomodoro, fresh fettuccini for the pasta pomodoro, rainbow potatoes (red, white & purple), pita chips, garlic & herb spread for the pita chips, fresh green beans, baby carrots, a salad from the salad bar, some sliced strawberries & pineapple and a Green Mountain chocolate bar.  That turned into 3 meals for Mr. Lucky and I and a lunch for me.  We also had Chelle over for one of those dinners. I spent a lot but I think I got a lot too.  Rationalizing again???

I plan to fill you in on all the meals.  Stay tuned!


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