Friday, May 27, 2011

Vacation eats....

Mr. Lucky and I recently spent a beautiful week in Myrtle Beach, SC.  We had a great time, great weather and, most importantly, great food. 

We like to go out of the way and find new and different restaurants when we go away. We have a great time adventuring. As of yet we have not been disappointed!

This trip our restaurant discovery was Nacho Hippo in Market Common in Myrtle Beach. Wow!  It was awesome! The food was fantastic and the staff and atmosphere were awesome too. 

I had some customized nachos as my meal and quite a few (6) $3 margaritas. How can you say no to nachos and $3 margaritas?  I certainly couldn't. The nachos I had were their "Naked Nachos" and I added onions, black beans and chicken. The plate was absolutely enormous. I could have made three meals out of it. I definitely loved it.

Mr. Lucky had 3 of their amazing tacos and a few $3 gin & tonics. Let me see if I can remember which tacos he had....He had the "Tijuana" which is crumbled chorizo, Monterey jack, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and crema, the "Love you long time" which is orange chili chicken, melon salsa, mixed greens, spicy mayo and cashews and the "Ka-Ka-Ka-Kia" which is Korean Beef BBQ, seared with ginger, garlic, and scallion, kimchi, spicy chile sauce and sesame seeds. The "Tijuana" and "Love you long time" were only $2.95 and the "Ka-Ka-Ka-Kia" was $3.95.  Can you believe that????

I think with nine drinks and our food it was under $40. That never happens, anywhere.  Nacho Hippo is on our list of keepers.  If you are ever down in Myrtle Beach you gotta check it out!


Anonymous said...

Actually I think they were $3 well vodka & grapefruit...I don't think I could have survived drinking well Gin.

I would like to say that all three of those tacos were insanely delicious!!! Even though the little melon balls kept falling out of the Love You Long Time (poor neutered melons)

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