Monday, February 14, 2011


I love vanilla extract!  I am talking about the real stuff not that imitation crap.  Almost all of my sweet recipes call for vanilla and even when they don't I toss a little bit in just for fun.  I add it to cake and brownie mixes too.  It could be considered an addiction. 

This love of mine does not come cheap.  Have you seen how much good vanilla costs?  It is very expensive and Mr. Lucky does not like expensive.  Any of you that know him know that he's a little bit cheap.  We fight often over ingredients that I want to buy. 

Well, this weekend I made my own vanilla extract.  This was so easy, possibly the easiest recipe I've ever made.  I feel like I say that all the time but honestly this one really is!  2 ingredients and a container, that's it.

Vanilla beans, vodka and a bottle or jar to store it in.  I had these bottles with rubber stoppers that worked perfectly.
Sorry for the quality of the picture

Whatever container you use must be sterilized.  I ran mine through the dishwasher.  You can also boil the container and it's lid.

For the extract.... The rule of thumb seems to be three beans per one cup of vodka.  You could use rum in place of the vodka if that's what you have. 
I got these at my local wholesale club

 To get the most flavor from the vanilla beans you want to split them down the middle with the tip of a knife and then scrape out the "seeds" then put the seeds and the beans into your container.  Do this for all three beans.

Once you have all three beans in the container add the vodka to it, put your cover on and give it a good shake. 

Now, you have to have a little patience.  You don't actually have vanilla extract for another 6 weeks.  You need to store your containers in a cool dark place and shake every few days. 

As the weeks go on I will give you some updated pictures and once it is done I will let you know how it works out in my recipes.


Debann said...

Awesome! Thanks for the recipe! I actually received home made vanilla extract from a friend last Christmas and I really did notice a difference in taste when I used it in a recipe!

Anonymous said...

Genius, now why is vanilla extract so darn expensive??

JEM said...

The price is exactly why I decided to make my own. I hope it's good when it's finally done :-)

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