Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think I might have lost my mind!  Actually, I don't think, I know!  Sometimes I get these crazy ideas and I just have to go with them. 

The last weekend in March is the National Capital Area Cake Show in Annandale, VA.  I am planning to bring seven entries. Yes, seven!  Five of the entries are in the tasting division.  These categories are: Pound/Layer - Any flavored (not chocolate) layer or pound cake (no chunks of fruit, nuts, etc), Chocolate - Any substantially chocolate cake. Chunks, chips, swirls, etc. permitted., Fruit/Nut - Any non-chocolate cake with chunks of fruit, nuts etc. in the batter., Cheesecake - Any flavored cheesecake (chunks, chips, swirls, etc. permitted) Any crust or no crust. Toppings not permitted. Combination - Any flavor combination you like. Cake, filling(s) and icing will be considered as a whole.  Last year my cheesecake recipe one first place in Cheesecake category.  There are no words for how excited I was!  You can ask Chelle, she'll tell you how crazy happy I was.

The tasting division cakes take the most time and attention because I have to find and test recipes to find the best one and to do my own tweaking.  Mr. Lucky and my friends and family especially like this part of my preparations.  I wonder why?  I have already started to compile my recipes, testing will start soon.

The other two entries will be in decorating divisions. I have never done this before!  I am nervous and excited at the same time.  The first one will be a cake in the beginner division using the show theme of "Under the sea".  I have a few ideas but still need to have a brainstorming session.  The final entry will be in the beginner cupcake division.  For these I have two ideas that I can't yet pick from. 

So, I have a little over two months to get my recipes chosen and tested as well as getting my decorating entries done.  Can I do it???  I'll keep you posted.

In addition to the cake show I am also trying to create recipes to enter in the Pillsbury Bake-off.  The top prize for the Bake-off is $1million!!!  How awesome would that be?

The deadline to enter my recipes for the Bake-off is April 18th.  This contest has very specific rules and specific items that have to be included, i.e. Pillsbury products.  You can see the rules and items on their website.  

I think that having to use specific items makes creating the recipe easier and harder at the same time.  I know that probably doesn't make sense but let me try to explain.  Pillsbury provides two lists of products (List A and List B) and each recipe has to include two items, one has to be from List A and the second can be from either list.  Because I have this lists to choose from I have a lot of ideas, the easy part.  Because I have the lists to choose from I have to edit myself, the hard part.  Get it now?   I will keep you posted on my progress here too. 

Off to go fill out my entry paperwork for the cake show!


Chelle said...

I've never seen JEM happier as when they announced that she won first place for her cheesecake!!!! It was very excited and proud of her!!!! She worked so hard on her tasting entries.

She can get the decorated cakes done, I have full faith in her! And if she panics, I'm a phone call away, lol!

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