Friday, September 24, 2010

I actually cooked!

I made dinner last night and tonight.  It had been so long I wasn't sure I even remembered how to cook.  I was praying that I didn't poison us.

According to Mr. Lucky, last night's dinner was his best meal of 2010.  I made garlic thyme pork chops with pan roasted onions and apples with a side dish of maple roasted acorn squash.  It was good, it was real good!

I didn't have a recipe I just kinda winged it.  I knew that I wanted to use the apples and some maple syrup.  The apples because we bought a huge bag and the maple syrup because it is yummy.

This meal came together surprisingly fast.  I got home from work a little late yesterday and I really didn't want to cook but Mr. Lucky wasn't going to do it.  I am glad he didn't, I rocked it!  (If I do say so myself.)

For the pork chops, I seasoned some flour with garlic powder and dried thyme.  I crushed the thyme in my hand to bring out the flavor some more.  I dredged the pork chops in the flour and pan fried them in a little olive oil until they were mostly done.  I then sliced the onions and apples and sauteed them until they were softened then added some grade B maple syrup and the pork chops and cooked the whole thing until the chops were done.  Because I was rushed I didn't peel the apples, next time I will.

Acorn squash is one of Mr. Lucky's favorites.  He doesn't eat many veggies other than squash so when it is squash season I take advantage of it.  These acorns are super easy to cook.  All I did was cut it in half, scooped out all the seeds and roasted it in the oven on 425 for about 45 minutes.  Once the flesh was soft I scored it with a knife put a few pats of butter in each side and poured in some maple syrup.  I turned the temperature down to 300 and let them cook for about 15 minutes more just until the butter and syrup were soaked into the squash.  You could also use brown sugar in place of the syrup but you may need to "baste" the squash with they cook.

Tonight's dinner was a little simpler but still tasted very good.  I made roasted garlic and herb flavored chicken sausage with onions and potatoes.  This was also easy and came together very quickly. 

I had boiled the potatoes last night so they were already cooked.  I sliced up the onions and the sausage and sauteed them up with a little bit of olive oil.  You have to use the olive oil with the chicken sausage because they don't have much if any fat in them.  I let the sausage and onions cook for a few minutes before I added the diced up potatoes because they were already cooked.   All together this meal probably cooked for about 15 minutes.  

So, I think my cooking drought is over!  I may not be cooking every night but I am cooking again!


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