Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting reaccquainted with my stove

The cooler weather seems to be here to stay.  I am so happy!  I really don't like the summer weather all that much.

I don't think I used my stove more than a dozen times all summer.  I do not have the luxury of central air conditioning in my house so there was no way I was going to heat up the house more than it was.

Now that has all changed.  We've reached my favorite time of year again, Fall.  How can you not love Fall?  Football, foliage, cooler weather and really great food!

I have been compiling recipes all summer so I will have plenty to share in the coming weeks.  Then we'll be closing in on the holiday season so there will be lots and lots of treats to show you.

I may not be able to write, or cook, every day but check back often to see what I've got for you!



Anonymous said...

Love,Love,Love it Janet! I miss reading your cooking and baking! LA

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